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 I am a clairvoyant Empath who uses the Tarot as a tool to focus and magnify my innate gifts. When I meet someone, I get copious amounts of information, most of it just clutters what I need to see. The Tarot gives me that focus and shows me where I need to concentrate. I always ask the client to form a question in their mind. I do NOT usually want them to tell me what it is. Sometimes a person will come in or call and ask a question they feel is 'safe'. Usually the Tarot and I will read what the real question was about. I love to use this gift to help others. I am NOT a fortune teller. Tarot is a snapshot of what is happening in your life and a 'possible' outcome. We all have free will and can change or not change our future as we see fit. I am very discreet. I am ethical. I charge a straight fee and I read until I am done. Usually about an hour and a half or so. I also have several other 'claires' which would mean nothing to you until I explained it. I am NOT a medium, but I do have medium abilities which will surface on occasion. I also do dream interpretation. I take appointments over the phone or in person in the U.S. Please inbox me for an appointment. Or just ask me. I will answer any questions you might have. Also visit my Facebook page (Mishka's Tarot). Love, Mishka.