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Quotes I had a dream after talking to my daughter she had almost the same dream ! oh my gosh I was so bothered by it, I called Michelle to find out what this bad dream meant... Michelle is so good at what she does , by the time I got off the phone my worries were gone and I truly understood what the dream meant...I went from wanting to lock all my doors , to wow we are ok... I could sit and talk to Michelle for hours because she is such a easy person to talk to , she is a kind person with a big open heart... I recommend Michelle if you have questions about a dream , your future or just want answers... thank you from my heart Michelle Quotes
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Quotes I had my cards read from Michele and everything she said was soo accurate she gave me goose bumps. Everything in my life that was going on with work and myself, she knew everything. She also pointed me in the right direction :) ty !!! Quotes
Milissa Belliveau
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Quotes I had my Tarot cards read about a year and a half ago... I was a mess , so afraid for my daughter and the relationship she was in... Mishka knew right away something was upsetting me... My reading was right on and she put my mind at ease... Every thing she read in my cards did happen just as she said it would... Every thing would be ok for my daughter and me...Thank you Mishka ,and yes I would do it again .... Sharon Quotes
Sharon Kuzmiak
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